Join us for our phase 1 open house at Hubbard Hall, 47 Round Hill Road in Northampton, Saturday April 30th, from 10-3. The Hutchins Apartment will be complete and fully furnished, and we'll have Woodstar Café's delicious pastries.

See you there!

Featured: Apartment 12 Parsons

The Parsons apartment is located in Hubbard Hall, and features a convenient central location easily accessed by both the parking area, and the walkways down Road Hill Road. The high ceilings are complemented by massive, fully restored and energy upgraded historic windows, all of which look out towards the northeast region of the Pioneer Valley.

Window Restoration Underway

As we push ahead into the unpredictable New England winter months, the first few batches of Hubbard Hall windows have arrived. The process will take a few months to complete, but all 200 historic windows will be fully restored and upgraded to modern energy efficiency standards.

Views of the Valley

While construction at the Historic Round Hill Summit Project rolls on, there’s always time to stop and appreciate the views of our beautiful Pioneer Valley. This photo was taken from Hubbard Hall’s Calvin and Grace apartments, as well as three apartments stretching across the top floor of the neighboring building, Rogers Hall.