Historic Round Hill Summit History

"It has long been conceded that Round Hill, the sightly crest of Northampton, commands one of the loveliest cultivated views in America, many a famous traveler declaring that no landscape has appealed to him in its beauty more than this"

"Round Hill, its History and Romance." Early Northampton. 1914

While you're probably familiar with Clarke School's long presence on Round Hill, you may not have heard of the location’s earlier history. It's been home to some of Northampton's oldest and finest structures, host to the short-lived Round Hill School (1823-1834), and site of the Round Hill Hotel – a popular health resort and summer destination in the mid-19th century.

By the time a young Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace – a teacher at Clarke School - had added their story to Round Hill’s pedigree, it had enjoyed a long and intriguing past. Now it's your turn to experience Round Hill. Whether you're looking out over the commanding views of the valley, taking in the tranquility of the lush campus, or making use of the short walk downtown, "the sightly crest of Northampton" is yours to enjoy.

Historic Round Hill Summit
School House
School House